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Set of polypropylene films covered with a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive containing IODINE, laminated on silicone-coated paper and sterilized by Gamma-ray irradiation.

These drapes prevent pathogens from migrating from the skin to the wound.

They give the surgeon a superb view of the surgical area and its boundaries, while simultaneously providing a clean and smooth surface.


• Adhesive with 3% iodine, which helps eliminate the bacteria generated by the skin during the intervention.
• The materials used do not contain any plasticizers or other elements that could migrate from the adhesive and cause skin irritation.
• Matte (opaque) finish provides an excellent view of the wound area.
• Material is soft, thin, flexible and comfortable for the patient.
• Individually packaged in airtight, peel-open plastic pouches.

• Individually packaged in airtight, peel-open plastic pouches.
• Radiolucent to X-rays.
• During evisceration procedures, the drapes provide a non-irritating surface for internal organs.
• Easy removal, painless and do not generate waste.

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